Dark Divinity – Messianic (Review)

Dark Divinity - MessianicDark Divinity are a melodic death metal band from New Zealand, and this is their debut EP.

The promo blurn tells us that “Following in the footsteps of genre originators At the Gates, The Haunted & Dissection, the band also take cues from death/black metal acts such as Immortal, Morbid Angel & Death.” Bold words, but backed up by 18 minutes of music that cuts like a serrated knife, you’ll find no complaint from me.

Given the above description the music sounds pretty much as you would expect it to, only actually better. The band know what they’re doing with their influences, and very soon into opener Set in Stone it becomes apparent that they can write a mean melody. This is a damn fine song that may wear its influences on its sleeves, but who cares when they’re pressed into the service of a band with clear passion and skill? Top stuff.

Second song Vertigo demonstrates that Dark Divinity’s talent for melodic death metal is not a one-off, and it pounds with melodic intensity and barbed aggression. The singer’s voice is venomous and powerful. Her vocals are impressive throughout this EP. Cambion is an instrumental, a little more than a minute in length. Rather than a throwaway acoustic track, however, it’s a gloriously melodic piece of metal, which leads nicely into Night of the Witches‘ rhythmic assault. It’s another compelling song that shows what Dark Divinity have to offer.

The EP closes with Seasons of Dark, which boasts some of the best melodies here, as well as some of the heaviest riffs. The old-school feelings are strong on all of these tracks, but this one is positively bursting with them.

No there’s nothing here you haven’t heard before, but that’s not the point. Messianic heralds the birth of a potentially powerful new force in the realms of melodic death metal. If Dark Divinity can build on their obvious strengths in the future and develop themselves even further, we may have something really special to look forward to from this band.

Make sure you give this a listen.

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