Septic Flesh – Codex Omega (Review)

Septic FleshSeptic Flesh are a symphonic death metal band from Greece and this is their tenth album.

A new release from Septic Flesh is always something to get a lot more excited about than that of your average band. Make no mistake either; this is definitely worth getting excited about.

Here’s a band that seems to be going from strength to strength for the last decade or so, and Codex Omega is another top-quality addition to their discography.

Septic Flesh combine brutal death metal with atmospheric allure, creating music that’s as gorgeous and rich as it is majestic and aggressive.

The way that the orchestral elements are fully incorporated into the music is a wonder to behold. With some bands that attempt this kind of thing, even with the best of intent, the symphonic elements can sometimes just sound like they’ve been tacked onto the surface of a metal song, almost as an afterthought. However, in the hands of a band like Septic Flesh, these symphonic elements are as integral to their sound as every other aspect of the music.

The bombastic symphonic parts are completely over the top and completely appropriate at the same time. There’s a huge sense of grandeur that emanates from this music that can’t be denied. When combined with the rock-solid guitars and trademark Septic Flesh melodies, it’s a compelling mix that makes a lot of more conventional bands sound bland and untextured by comparison.

The singer’s growls are some of the best in the business as far as I’m concerned. His cavernous pitch-black delivery is so deep and guttural it’s the perfect antidote to the rest of the music’s opulence and colour, providing an utterly brutal and evil core that the rest of the music morphs and warps itself around. When the band see fit to also unleash some creepy, insidious clean vocals into the mix, these are as well-received as always. The deathgrowls are never too far away either, reminding the listener of their power and presence.

Music like this demands a suitably huge production and once again Septic Flesh present themselves in the best of lights with the kind of recording that demolishes buildings with its immensity.

The mix of crushing production, brutal deathgrowls, epic orchestral enhancements, esoteric melodies, and songs that are both catchy and memorable, mean that Codex Omega is a highly enjoyable and infectious collection of symphonic death metal songs.

Cinematic and sprawling, if you ever wanted music to transport you away from the real world with a heady mix of brutality and atmosphere, Codex Omega is for you. This is an album that’s so hideously enjoyable that it’s hard to credit. This is an experience, one that it’s important to have. Septic Flesh have returned and their star shows no sign of waning.


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