Hypocrisy – Worship (Review)

Hypocrisy - WorshipThis is the thirteenth album from veteran death metallers Hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy are a death metal band that have always tried different things, have always pushed themselves, and have incorporated many different styles and influences into their music over the decades. On Worship this continues to be the case. Across 51 minutes the band lay down a brutal base of sleek melodic death metal, and build on it with a range of metallic influences. The end result is a collection of tracks that showcase Hypocrisy in their best light.

The songs are rich in melody. It’s the sort of rousing, epic, infectious melody the Hypocrisy do so very well. Whether on the brutal side of the spectrum or the more emotive, these melodies are the quintessential Hypocrisy melodies; very few in the death metal genre sound quite as distinctive as Hypocrisy do.

Whether it’s groove-based pit-friendly action, brutally aggressive speed, or highly immersive atmosphere, the band give it their all. The songs contain planet-sized hooks and catchy choruses that stick in your head whether you want them to or not. Hypocrisy have always had a talent for riffs, and Worship boasts some absolute rippers.

The singer’s vocals sound immense and fearsome. He mainly performs deep world-eating growls, but these are enhanced here and there with his usual range of screams and other vocalisations. His voice has not weakened with time, and he sounds great.

On their latest record Hypocrisy have delivered the goods with strength and precision. Worship touches on the styles of many eras of the band, and ultimately delivers an album that won’t disappoint fans of their varied discography. It’s great to hear Hypocrisy so vibrant and fiery once more, and Worship is a great addition to their enviable discography.

Essential listening.

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