Soul Remnants – Ouroboros (Review)

Soul RemnantsThis is the third album from US death metallers Soul Remnants.

Ouroboros is the follow up to the crushingly enjoyable pitch-black slab of metal that was the band’s 2013 album Black and Blood, which made it into my best of 2013 end of year list.

I like an album that doesn’t mess around with pointless intros, and the short opener Mechanical Synapse Modulations gets straight down to business and shows that the band have lost none of their fiery talent for producing extremely enjoyable death metal.

With a strong production and equally strong music, Soul Remnants easily impress with their energetic and timeless brand of death metal. They know this kind of material inside out and deliver it with big smiles on their blood-covered faces.

The band have a decent technical edge to some of their playing, while at other times they strip things back to a simple heavy groove that will definitely get heads banging in the live arena.

There are both thrash and black metal influences that can be heard here and there, and both styles come to the fore in the band’s sound at different times across the album. For the most part though the band primarily play punishing, authentic death metal, the likes of which will never go out of fashion, (despite, paradoxically never actually really coming into fashion in the first place).

With an ear for a good riff, Ouroboros is chock-full of meaty content and enjoyable songs. It may have been a good few years between releases, but now that Soul Remnants have returned it’s like they’ve never been away, and Ouroboros has definitely been worth the wait.

Highly recommended.

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