Witchery – In His Infernal Majesty’s Service (Review)

WitcheryThis is the sixth album from Witchery, a thrash metal band from Sweden.

Witchery have been around for some time at this point, with this album celebrating two decades of existence. Now, six years after their last album and with a revamped lineup, they return.

With a production that’s nicely rough and ready, Witchery crank up the volume and give the listener a thrash attack that it’s easy to get on board with.

Witchery play their metal at a fast pace, with a part-blackened coating and an eye for a nefarious atmosphere. The blackened elements aren’t overly pronounced, mainly manifesting in the singer’s aggressive rasp.

Although the band have the feel of the old-school in places, this album actually has more of a modern approach than you might think. The choice of some of the riffs and the surprisingly few solos speak of the modern age of thrash more than not, and the songs cruise and bruise accordingly.

The guitars are nicely thick and heavy, giving the impression of being jagged and dangerous to the touch. Witchery can write a good riff when they want to, that’s not in doubt.

My favourite songs on here are the ones like Gilded Fang – short, aggressive blackened thrash that distils all of the band’s strengths into one blur of nastiness. Very nice.

Overall these songs are catchy and full of barbed hooks, striking the right balance between old and new. This is a solid album that won’t necessarily set the world on fire, but sometimes you want your destruction to be a bit more localised anyway.

A recommended listen.

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