Testament – Titans of Creation (Review)

Testament - Titans of CreationTestament are a legendary thrash metal band from the US. This is their 12th studio album, (13th if you count First Strike Still Deadly).

The follow up to 2016’s Brotherhood of the Snake, Titans of Creation treats us to 59 minutes of quality metal to thrash along to.

And thrash we do. Titans of Creation is an album that takes from old and new. Its heart is one of thrash metal, but how this is expressed varies according to the song. Some tracks adopt a more straightforward, highly aggressive modern attitude. Others fall back to a more old-school delivery, some even with a hard rock influence. Others still push the envelope with either new or progressive ideas. Of course, these various approaches are not always mutually exclusive either.

The band’s heaviness and aggression that has been increasingly developed since the mid-90s is present and correct, but so too is the crunchy groove they’ve always done so well. This is also a more melodic album than Brotherhood of the Snake, once again drawing on earlier parts of their past to draw inspiration from and build on.

Catchy, anthemic songs are bountiful here, but delivered with the sort of skill and songwriting that imbues them with enough depth and longevity to leave the listener wanting to return for more. After all, Testament have been plying their trade for over three decades at this point, so it should come as no surprise that they know their style inside and out.

Having said that, the material on Titans of Creation still feels remarkably fresh and vibrant. This is partially down to the band’s obvious passion and enthusiasm for metal, but also due to their willingness to try different things, such as an addition of blackened aggression, or Middle Eastern influences, or an orchestral flourish.

A rich and enjoyable collection of metal songs, Titans of Creation is a rewarding and satisfying album from Testament.

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