Witchery – I Am Legion (Review)

WitcheryThis is the seventh album from Swedish blackened thrash metal band Witchery.

Hot on the heels of last year’s In His Infernal Majesty’s Service, this Swedish supergroup, (Arch Enemy, The Haunted, among others), have returned suprisingly quickly with another collection of sharp, vicious tunes.

Well, they may have returned quickly this time, but the quality levels don’t seem to have been affected by this quick turnaround. Indeed, if you’re a fan of aggressive thrash metal that has a blackened sheen to it, then I Am Legion is a very enjoyable album, one that it’s very easy to take to.

The songs, as you would expect, are well-written and feature plenty of hooks and good riffs. Whether they stomp along with a blackened groove, blast ahead with furious intent, or slow down to a delicious crawl, the band know this style inside and out.

This album takes a rawer approach than that of their previous release. The black metal influences have been brought more into the foreground for I Am Legion; I can hear some influences from latter day Satyricon here and there, for example.

This is a very strong collection of tracks, and although In His Infernal Majesty’s Service was a very enjoyable record, I must say that I actually prefer this newer one. It’s clear that the musicians involved have all injected a lot of passion into this album, and I think it all works very well.

A highly recommended listen for anyone into blackened thrash metal.

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