Defiatory – Extinct (Review)

DefiatoryThis is the debut album from this Swedish thrash metal band.

Defiatory wear their Bay Area thrash influences on their collective sleeves, yet still manage to sound current and relevant despite this. They combine this classic sound with a strong production and elements of the more modern thrash styles. The resulting album is a clash of old and new, one which the band successfully resolve into some very enjoyable songs.

A lovely and thickly heavy guitar sound sets the scene for their thrash attack, with the riffs having the aforementioned mix of old and new influences. This proves to be highly effective and Defiatory know how to play their thrash.

As well as being practised riff-machines, the band play their whole hand aggressively and with confidence. Well-written songs and catchy guitars make for good songs.

The singer shows variety over the tracks. Semi-clean shouts form a large part of the delivery, with higher screams and other vocalisations being used where needed. It’s a performance that carries a lot of weight and presence, equally matching that of the music.

With memorable songs, a heavy production and a singer that knows his business, Extinct will hopefully not live up to its name; hopefully we will hear a lot more from Defiatory in the future as this is definitely one of the better and more enjoyable thrash metal albums I’ve heard of late. And due to the amount of good thrash I’ve heard in 2016 already, that’s saying something.

Very highly recommended.

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