The Night Flight Orchestra – Aeromantic (Review)

The Night Flight Orchestra - AeromanticThis is the fifth album from The Night Flight Orchestra, a Swedish hard rock band.

I loved Amber Galactic and Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough, and now I love Aeromantic. It’s quite simple really; The Night Flight Orchestra have never released a bad album, and just seem to be getting better and better over time, growing into themselves with increasing confidence.

The Night Flight Orchestra are one of the most reliably enjoyable bands in rock. Hell, I rarely listen to music that’s upbeat or happy, but this band is a true exception to this rule. There’s something so infectiously addictive about their well-crafted sound. This new album does have its darker, more forlorn aspects, however, particularly in some of the melodies used. It’s an intriguing broadening of the band’s sound, but a welcome one to be sure.

Also further expanding their feel-good pop rock with extra synths and disco elements, this new release sees the band once again stepping up their game and producing an hour’s worth of music that’s hard to ignore. Basically, it’s so damn good. It’s fun, filled with catchy hooks and instant anthems, and completely and utterly hits the pop/rock-related spot. If you only ever listen to one band like this, (as I pretty much only do these days), then make it this one.

You might think that The Night Flight Orchestra’s passion and theme would have run out of steam by now, but apparently not; Aeromantic is vibrant and pulses with energy and enthusiasm. And it has some damn good songs too.

Very highly recommended.

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