Decapitated – Anticult (Review)

DecapitatedDecapitated are a Polish death metal band and this is their seventh album.

I’ve always really enjoyed Decapitated’s work, and this latest album is no exception, despite the band being quite a different proposition to the one that produced albums that were techdeath stunners like The Negation.

The songs on Anticult are certainly heavy and brutal, but there’s also nuanced qualities included that allow the band to stray beyond the confines of simplistic brutal death metal. The music is layered with these influences, buffering and enhancing the core aggression of the band with more exploratory and emotive elements.

Featuring a good mix of different speeds and moods across the playing time, blast beats and groovy riffs work together to power the songs forward, never leaving the listener wanting for something to grab as the Decapitated train rolls by.

Melodic and atmospheric qualities are not left out of the mix either, and the band use these as appropriate to add extra depth to the songs. This is right in line with Decapitated’s increased approach of layering their music with different levels, augmenting and adding to the heavy brutality with all manner of different moods, feelings, ideas, and songwriting flourishes.

There’s a bewildering array of catchy riffs on this album, courtesy of an increased modern/groove metal influence alongside everything else. Although speed and technicality are still included in the band’s repertoire, the increased development of the band’s infectious side is very welcome. As such, the songwriting on Anticult sounds natural and unforced, with all progressions coming easily to the band as they produce music that offers both style and substance.

Each song has its own character and personality, and is easily identified separately from its compatriots. Taken as a whole, this is an extremely strong and very, very enjoyable collection of songs.

As you’d expect from a band of this stature; Anticult sounds huge. A suitably crushing production is basically expected and required for this kind of thing; Anticult doesn’t disappoint.

Well, on their seventh album Decapitated actually sound hungrier and more passionately energetic than ever. From their technical death metal roots, to the changing styles and lineup, right through to this newest release, this has always been a band that has played by their own rules. Anticult is the latest in a long line of top quality releases, and I wish Decapitated ongoing strength and good fortune as they continue to push the boundaries of what death metal and modern heavy music can be.

If you like your music heavy and with plenty of bite, then you simply must check out Anticult. That’s all there really is left to say on the matter.

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