Infestus – The Reflecting Void (Review)

InfestusComing from Germany, Infestus play sophisticated Black Metal.

This is complex and multi-faceted music that explores a multitude of feelings and emotional states throughout the 54 minutes playing time. It’s state-of-the-art Black Metal with a top quality sound and a will to succeed.

The songs are reflective of this nature and excel at delivering emotive, dynamic, Blackened compositions that show off the talent of the powerful mind behind the band.

Dark melodies and riffs that bleed strength and emotion crackle and cascade across your consciousness as your intellect feebly struggles to comprehend the vastness of the infinite mysteries of the hidden night.

The impressive soundscapes that make up these 8 tracks are writ large against this darkened canvas and are brought to full technicolour life in brazen shades of mortality and buried life.

Each song brings a new experience to the fold and wields forbidden knowledge like one who was born to an esoteric existence, dedicated to withholding such dark arts from the unworthy masses.

This is elite music in all senses of the word. This is Infestus’ magnum opus. This is essential.

2 thoughts on “Infestus – The Reflecting Void (Review)

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