At Dusk/Sacerdos – Split (Review)

At Dusk SacerdosAt Dusk and Sacerdos are both black metal bands from the US, with At Dusk being a one-man entity and Sacerdos being a duo.

At Dusk’s contribution to this release is one 15 minute song named Condemned. Continue reading


Narbeleth – Indomitvs (Review)

NarbelethNarbeleth is a Cuban one-man black metal band and this is his fourth album.

I’ve been willingly following Narbeleth’s work for a few years now, starting with 2014’s A Hatred Manifesto and then with 2015’s Through Blackness, and Remote Places. There’s just something so pleasingly atavistic, raw, Continue reading

Israthoum – Channeling Death and Devil (Review)

IsrathoumHailing from the Netherlands, this is the third album from black metallers Israthoum.

Israthoum’s 2012 album Black Poison and Shared Wounds was a notable release, birthed from the underground with bile and venom. 2015’s Antru Kald cemented their position as a band to pay close attention to, and with this in mind we have now been rewarded with a third full length from this engaging entity. Continue reading

Acedia Mundi – Speculum Humanae Salvationis (Review)

Acedia MundiThis is the debut album from French black metal band Acedia Mundi.

So, what do we have here? This is modern black metal played with a technical sheen that still manages to be relatively catchy, despite its imposing veneer. Continue reading