Amiensus – All Paths Lead to Death (Review)

AmiensusThis is the latest EP by US black metallers Amiensus.

Following on from their very well-received earlier work, (Restoration, for example), Amiensus return with a 29 minute EP that’s their darkest, most-direct work yet.

Amiensus play black metal that takes from the progressive, atmospheric, and post-black metal styles, incorporating these into their textured delivery.

Keyboards still play a part in the band’s sound, although these are much less prominently displayed than they were on the band’s previous work. The same can also be said of the clean vocals, which have also taken a back seat for much of the material here.

Full of darkened melodies and apocalyptic vibes, this is an aggressive release that celebrates black metal’s second wave, while also looking forward to what came after.

Some of the faster material on this release is really, really delicious. When the blast beats are firing and the scything blackened melodies are at their most intense, that’s when Amiensus truly shine on this latest EP for me.

The screamed vocals are as sharp and serrated as always. They’re wonderfully performed and dredge up visions of the hellfire that you’ve always secretly feared in the darkest recesses of your mind…

The Amiensus of 2017 is a darker, more malevolent beast. If this new EP is indicative of their future direction, then black metal fans have a lot to look forward to for the band’s upcoming third album.

A highly recommended listen.

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