Winterhorde – Maestro (Review)

WinterhordeThis is the third album from Israeli melodic/progressive Black Metallers Winterhorde.

Winterhorde use melodic Black Metal as a base to launch their epic brand of music from. On this base, they build firm structures of progressive Metal and symphonic/orchestral enhancements, all of which work together to produce Maestro, an Extreme Metal extravaganza.

If you combine elements of Black Metal with bands like Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar, Vintersorg, Arcturus and Nevermore, you’ll have a good idea of where Winterhorde are coming from.

Keyboards and classical elements can be heard in their sound, alongside the more blackened and progressive aspects of the songs. Blast beats and fast sections are consistently well-delivered, but the band work in many different speeds and tempos to keep things interesting for the listener.

The added instrumentation and keyboards increases the emotive content of the music and there’s a lot of diversity and content on this album. The songs resonate with the intentions of the artists and the atmospheres created are soaring and grand, hitting bright heights and Machiavellian lows.

The band boast two main singers, one who provides harsh growls/screams and one who provides powerful cleans. The music switches between the two with ease, using one more than other as necessary and depending on what the music requires. Operatic and female vocals also appear here and there, ably performed and adding a further dimension to music that already has a theatrical aspect to it.

A powerful, clear production rounds off the package, allowing singers and musicians alike to sound at their best.

Maestro is an album that’s ambitious in scope and succeeds in entrancing the listener with its combination of different Metal styles set to an atmospheric and symphonic blackened stage.

Highly recommended.

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