Moonreich – Fugue (Review)

MoonreichThis is the fourth album from Moonreich, a French black metal band.

Fugue is a broad-ranging and multifaceted journey into black metal waters, with the band revealing themselves to be quite expressive and creative across the album’s 54 minutes.

Moonreich play black metal that’s aggressive and very emotive. Making good use of blackened melody and plenty of energetic speed, the songs take elements of both traditional and modern black metal, fusing both into an engaging collection of songs that have high replay value due to their depth and substance.

As the album progresses it’s also quite clear that the band are eager to play with light and shade, wandering frequently into post-black metal territories. This willingness to explore their musical environment is a great thing to hear, and Fugue occasionally becomes almost experimental in this sense.

The songs demonstrate a keen grasp of structuring and dynamics, and it’s obvious that the band’s composition skills are quite advanced by this stage in their careers.

Moonreich have plenty of ideas about what they want to achieve and how they want to do it on Fugue, and they also have the necessary skills to realise these ambitions. This has resulted in an album that’s a rich, layered, and textured listening experience.

Rounded off with a strong performance from the band’s singer, and wrapped up with a very solid, powerful production, Fugue is an album to savour and get to know over time.

Very highly recommended.

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