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The latest Moonreich album – Fugue – is an impressive collection of dark, violent black metal songs. However, there’s more to Moonreich than just sonic extremity, and Fugue is layered with the kind of depth and nuance that makes for a very moreish album. Wide-ranging and multifaceted, while being wrapped up in tightly focused aggression, Fugue is an album that’s a very strong release all-round.

Let’s find out a bit more…

Who and what are Moonreich?

Moonreich is a bunch of humans willing to share the same views about art. We are all as one. As simple as it is.

How did you form?

The project was born in 2008, as a solo project first but quickly, the strength and the power of the music needed to be translated on stage. So Moonreich became a live band only one year after its creation. The first show took place in Paris in 2009! Since then, being a live band always has been a priority for us, while continuing putting out records that we love.

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

I’m currently listening to the new Funeral Mist, great record once again! I also listened to the new Ihsahn album, great music! Unlike a a lot of extreme metal guys, I really enjoyed the new Ghost album, I also re-discovered “Frances the Mute” from the Mars Volta, awesome one! Also, the new At the Gates records sounds good even if I didn’t listen to it in full.

Fugue is your fourth album – did you approach this one differently to your previous work?

This time, we wrote more about the inner self, not really about historical stuff and illness as we used to do…So this is a much more personal album, I suggest every one read the lyrics while listening to it.

How would you compare Fugue to Pillars of Detest?

Musically, I would say it is much more diversified and much more aggressive, but also really more ambient in a way, we tried to push away a bit more the contrast between fast and aggressive riffs and slow and gloomy ambiences. This is the first I’m not sick of an album after recording it.

Moonreich Band

A few years have passed between the releases – what have you been up to in the meantime?

Well, we focused a lot on our live activities, it takes a lot of time and energy. BTW, I think 3 years is the right time to make an album for us. We just took 6 month off between the last show we played and the release of the album, just to get focused on it.

Now that you have completed work on the album, what’s your view of it?

Well, I think it’s our best effort yet! As I told before, it’s the first in 10 years I can listen to a record we just done, without being disgusted. That’s a great accomplishment to me!

If you had it to do over again, would you change anything?

It’s too fresh in our minds for the moment, but I not the kind of guy to regret anything, so…I wouldn’t say so.

How do you balance the more modern influences in your sound with the more traditional second wave ones?

I just don’t balance it, it does come naturally. Our music is simply the blend of what we personally listen to. We don’t reflect that much on what we are doing. When I write a riff or an Idea, it’s just like I trash it or I keep it but I never come back on it. I like to keep the ideas as fresh as it comes in my mind. Without changing anything afterwards.

Fugue is the kind of release that has a lot of hidden layers beneath its fire and fury – would it be accurate to say that at its core its a deeply personal work?

You are right, we put a lot of effort into being creative when it comes to add hidden (or hard to hear) layers. That’s what makes an album rich and a many-time listenable one! I like records when I can still hear new stuff, even if it’s my 78th listen to it.


The artwork is quite striking – tell us about this

The artwork was made by Drumshit, a friend of mine! I came with all the ideas and concept, and he gave birth to it. He did a great job and I believe it reflects very well the music and the lyrics.

Do you have any goals for the album and for 2018 in general?

The only goal is to please ourselves by making records that we like and also playing live. So we’ll see what the future will bring.

What are your views on the current state of black metal?

I don’t have any views upon it, because I just don’t care. I do what I like and what I want to do. I don’t feel like being a part of any scene, that’s not in my interests.

What’s the French extreme metal scene like from your point of view?

Exactly the same as the current state of black metal, none of my business..

Playing live – essential or pointless?


Anything you’d like to add to sum up?

Thanks for your time! See you soon on the roads.

Label – Les Acteurs de l’Ombre Productions

Order here.

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