Moonreich – Wormgod (Review)

Moonreich - WormgodThis is the latest EP from French black metallers Moonreich.

Moonreich are a band I always enjoy the work of, (Fugue, for example), and this new EP is no exception. It contains four new songs and a Depeche Mode cover, and lasts 22 minutes.

Blisteringly aggressive and melodically harsh, Moonreich establish their formidable presence quite easily on this release. The band produce a ferocious mid-paced assault and devastating fiery blasts as they tear through the short running time, ripping up the airwaves with their trademark fury. The band’s technical skill is apparent, as is their ability to go in direct for the kill when they want to. The main vocals consist of grim screams that are vicious and merciless in their delivery. The vocal patterns and rhythms are very pleasing, and the singer’s performance fits with the music very well.

Other components, such as atmospheric keyboards, infectious melodies, or post-blackened lighter nuance, allow the songs to be more than just raging aggression, and Moonreich ably demonstrate once again that you can be fiendishly harsh and still have depth and substance. The Depeche Mode cover deserves praise too; a blackened extreme metal interpretation that nonetheless boasts a skilful and impressive clean vocal performance.

Wormgod is a very strong EP from this notable band. Highly recommended.

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