Sidus Atrum – Spiral of Life (Review)

Sidus Atrum - Spiral of LifeThis is the second album from Ukrainian one-woman blackened doom band Sidus Atrum.

Spiral of Life contains 40 minutes of modern black metal mixed with death/doom elements. It’s an album that uses its influences well, taking strengths from both styles to produce something very enjoyable and engaging.

The songs incorporate a modern interpretation of black metal into their sound, and this forms the base of the material on Spiral of Life. It’s a cross between the atmospheric and post-black metal genres, with melodic highlights woven into its makeup.

Aspects of the old-school death/doom genre are embedded into the above contemporary blackened framework. This expands the range of melancholic introspection and atmospheric grandeur accessible to the music. It also allows for the use of heavier sections, as well as the occasional thick muscular riff. Additionally, there’s a well-realised guest spot on Rain Brings Your Voice by the vocalist of Clouds/Eye of Solitude, further cementing the death/doom link.

The songs are well-written and demonstrate a strong grasp of the material and source genres. They’re memorable and even quite catchy at various moments, and are delivered confidently. The different paces and dark moods explored flow well from one part of the music to the next, and each track imprints itself on the listener very positively.

The vocals span the above two main styles. Blackened rasps form the bulk of the delivery, enhanced by deeper growls, spoken word whispers, and clean vocals in various places.

Spiral of Life has impressed with its capable songwriting and delivery. With a professional sound and quality performances, this is an album that is easy to recommend. The artist behind Sidus Atrum knows her art well, and Spiral of Life is definitely one to spend some time with.

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