Witch Vomit – A Scream from the Tomb Below (Review)

Witch VomitThis is the début album from US death metal band Witch Vomit.

This is 31 minutes of old-school death metal that sounds as if it was torn straight out of the 90s.

Witch Vomit take the Swedish death metal sound and add a few flourishes of their own. There’s an element of death/doom included, as well as a distinct aura of malevolent nastiness that underpins everything. Think Entombed, Incantation, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy and Grave all thrown together in a blender and left to rot for a few years.

The band have a decently heavy sound and the recording makes the most of this. The songs are grim and dark; definitely underground, but without sacrificing complete musical legibility or force.

With rolling riffs and pounding drums, it’s a largely mid/slow-paced assault, although that’s not to say the band don’t break out the blast beats when they need to, (which is always a welcome change of pace).

Winding, eerie melodies are used well, seeming to just sit on top of the rhythm guitar as they try to swamp everything in murky heaviness.

The singer has an absolutely cavernous, gruff growl that sounds like thunder rolling across a darkened sky. There are screams and other vocalisations, but the deep growls are the real stars of the show.

As far as old-school death metal goes this is played and written well, providing a lot of entertainment over its playing time. It won’t set the world afire, but that’s never the intention of a band like this. Witch Vomit have come to worship the ancient death metal gods, and A Scream from the Tomb Below is well worth a listen.


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