Fvnerals – Let the Earth Be Silent (Review)

Fvnerals - Let the Earth Be SilentFvnerals are a German doom band and this is their third album.

Bringing together doom, shoegaze, and dark ambient into a 40-minute cataclysmic declaration, Let the Earth Be Silent is the end times given aural form.

Fvnerals channel atavistic feelings of isolation, loss, misery, and despondency, but do so with the silken caress of a doomed lover. Let the Earth Be Silent has a dreamlike nightmare quality that’s entrancing. It’s a dark and haunting work, sinister in expression and dense with apocalyptic grace. Primal, yet intoxicatingly sophisticated in its alluring charm, this is gorgeously insidious music that will have you crawling deep inside its cold heart searching for the warmth of the grave.

The music is undeniably beautiful, yet this is a beauty that is harrowing and bleak. Waves of glacial distortion, luscious clean vocals, and ambient soundscapes wash over the listener as Fvnerals attempt to drown the world in a tsunami of mausoleum mood.

The songs are atmosphere-focused, aiming to build and sustain mood rather than ensnare with catchiness or obvious hooks. This works perfectly for the band, and this album plays like an immersive journey into a world of hardship and woe. The vocals are used in much the same way; like another layer to the weighty music, rather than being a focal point in a traditional sense.

Let the Earth Be Silent is a record of depth and feeling. That these depths and feelings are pitch black and wreathed in misanthropic horror only adds to their effectiveness. Fvnerals have crafted a work of exquisite darkness, and I urge you to sample its shadows.

Fans of bands such as Darkher, Cult of Luna, Sylvaine, King Woman, Bismuth, and similar would do well to check this out.


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