Autumn Nostalgie/Hænesy – Awaking Mechanon – Split (Review)

Autumn Nostalgie Hænesy - Awakening Mechanon - SplitAutumn Nostalgie from Slovakia and Hænesy from Hungary are both black metal bands, and this is their latest split release.

Across a total of 32 minutes, each band provide two songs to Awaking Mechanon. Autumn Nostalgie’s contribution lasts 18 minutes and Hænesy’s 14 minutes. Continue reading “Autumn Nostalgie/Hænesy – Awaking Mechanon – Split (Review)”

Wampyric Rites/Moloch – The Serpent Cult of Darkness – Split (Review)

Wampyric Rites Moloch - The Serpent Cult of Darkness - SplitWampyric Rites and Moloch are both black metal bands, from Ecuador and Ukraine, respectively.

Ever since encountering Wampyric Rites on their 2022 album The Wolves Howl to the Moon, I’ve been smitten, so when this split appeared I knew I wanted to hear it. The band contribute two songs to The Serpent Cult of Darkness, with a combined total duration of 19 minutes. Continue reading “Wampyric Rites/Moloch – The Serpent Cult of Darkness – Split (Review)”

Numeron – Road to Valhalla (Review)

Numeron - Road to ValhallaThis is the second album from Indonesian post-black metal band Numeron.

Road to Valhalla is a 43-minute exploration of atmospheric black metal and blackgaze, delivered in a post-black metal package that’s passionately performed. Numeron have produced a well-crafted slice of expressive darkness. Continue reading “Numeron – Road to Valhalla (Review)”

Vitriolic Sage – 梦路 (Review)

Vitriolic Sage - 梦路This is the third album from Vitriolic Sage, a one-man black metal band from China.

Brought to us by the artist behind the exceptional Ὁπλίτης (Hoplites), 梦路 contains 43 minutes of modern black metal. 梦路 combines elements of the Continue reading “Vitriolic Sage – 梦路 (Review)”

Afsky – Om Hundrede År (Review)

Afsky - Om Hundrede ÅrThis is the third album from Danish one-man black metal band Afsky.

Following on from 2018’s Sorg, 2020’s Ofte Jeg Drømmer Mig Død, and 2022’s I Stilhed, Om Hundrede År contains 43 minutes of new material and is eagerly anticipated by many fans of atmospheric black metal. Continue reading “Afsky – Om Hundrede År (Review)”

Kold – Intet Mere Er (Review)

Kold - Intet Mere ErKold are a black metal band from Denmark and this is their debut album.

Following on from 2021’s KoldIntet Mere Er is a 44-minute black metal journey of frozen landscapes and sorrowful climes. Continue reading “Kold – Intet Mere Er (Review)”

Winds of Tragedy – Hating Life (Review)

Winds of Tragedy - Hating LifeThis is the second album from Chilean one-man black metal band Winds of Tragedy.

Hating Life is a 35-minute journey into misery and despair. This is expressed via a harrowing and scathing form of post-black metal, one which is made up of the atmospheric and depressive styles, along with a death metal edge, (particularly in the vocals, which are dark, deep, and brutal). Continue reading “Winds of Tragedy – Hating Life (Review)”

Limbes – Écluse (Review)

Limbes - ÉcluseThis is the debut album from one-man French black metal act Limbes.

We’ve encountered the artist behind Limbes before, on his split with Mütterlein, and also when the project was named Blurr Thrower. Écluse contains 39 minutes of new material, and although the songs are still on the longer side, (especially the 15-minute closer), overall they’re shorter and more concise than we’re used to from this artist. Continue reading “Limbes – Écluse (Review)”

Stygian Love – Flowers Fade (Review)

Stygian Love - Flowers FadeStygian Love is a one-man black metal band from Belgium and this is his second album.

Containing 44 minutes of material, Flowers Fade mixes together atmospheric, depressive, and post-black metal into a compelling vision of blackgaze darkness. Continue reading “Stygian Love – Flowers Fade (Review)”

Glyph – The Time of Peril (Review)

Glyph - The Time of PerilThis is the second album from Glyph, a one-man black metal band from the US.

We turn now to solo act Glyph for a 37-minute trip into a black metal underworld that’s a work of individuality and obvious passion. There’s a special sort of mysterious, esoteric magic that surrounds The Time of Peril, one that’s quite intoxicating to delve into. Continue reading “Glyph – The Time of Peril (Review)”