Acédia – Fracture (Review)

Acédia - FractureThis is the third album from Canadian black metal band Acédia.

Acédia play a modern brand of black metal that’s taut with melodic colour and ripe with dissonant underpinnings. Across the 40 minutes of Fracture the band deliver an enjoyable journey into contemporary blackened waters. Continue reading “Acédia – Fracture (Review)”

Eternal Helcaraxe – Drown in Ash (Review)

Eternal Helcaraxe - Drown in AshThis is the third album from Irish black metal act Eternal Helcaraxe.

On Drown in Ash Eternal Helcaraxe provide 47 minutes of music that’s dark and personal, dealing with intimate themes of depression and loss. As such, the music is a forlorn and melancholic form of black metal that drips with feeling and emotion. Continue reading “Eternal Helcaraxe – Drown in Ash (Review)”

Givre – Destin Messianique (Review)

Givre - Destin MessianiqueThis is the third album from Canadian black metallers Givre.

Givre play atmospheric black metal and on Destin Messianique they provide 35 minutes of raw and underground black metal with an academic and historical theme. Continue reading “Givre – Destin Messianique (Review)”

Mo’ynoq – A Place for Ash (Review)

Moynoq - A Place for AshMoynoq are a black metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Filled with pain and anguish, A Place for Ash spends 40 minutes subjecting the listener to a withering barrage of dark, passionate black metal. Continue reading “Mo’ynoq – A Place for Ash (Review)”

Toadeater – Bexadde (Review)

Toadeater - BexaddeToadeater are a post-black metal; band from Germany and this is their third album.

Bexadde delivers 44 minutes of black metal across four lengthy nightmarescapes. Blending atmospheric components into a post-blackened framework, Toadeater’s music is compelling and satisfying. Continue reading “Toadeater – Bexadde (Review)”

Liminal Shroud – All Virtues Ablaze (Review)

Liminal Shroud - All Virtues AblazeThis is the second album from Canadian black metal band Liminal Shroud.

Liminal Shroud play atmospheric black metal with a combination of immersive atmosphere, melodic weight, and blistering aggression. All Virtues Ablaze contains 40 minutes of material that’s carved up into four songs. Continue reading “Liminal Shroud – All Virtues Ablaze (Review)”

Notturno – Obsessions (Review)

Notturno - ObsessionsThis is the debut album from Notturno, an Italian black metal band.

Featuring the vocalist of Eyelessight, Notturno play a mix of depressive and atmospheric black metal that also contains elements of doom. There are three epic-length songs on Obsessions, delivering 37 minutes of material in total. Continue reading “Notturno – Obsessions (Review)”