Wonderbox Metal End of Year List – Best Metal of 2020

Almost every year I think about how challenging it is to compile a definitive best of list, and how subjective it is, etc. Although that’s still true for this collecting of albums, this year, however, has been easier than most. 2020 has been heavy on the black metal for me. It’s been my most reviewed genre, in all its myriad permutations, and this is reflected in the below list.

For the longest of times the bands in positions 5 and 6 vied for top position, but then October and November happened. All of a sudden, unexpectedly, these two months unleashed a wealth of quality, and stole the top four positions in a rampant display of blackened supremacy.

I hope you enjoy the below recommendations of mine and find something new to obsess over. Let me know how you get on.

Let’s dig in… Continue reading “Wonderbox Metal End of Year List – Best Metal of 2020”

Calligram – The Eye Is the First Circle (Review)

Calligram - The Eye Is the First CircleCalligram are a UK-based international blackened metal band and this is their latest album.

Calligram adopt a modern approach to black metal on The Eye Is the First Circle, mixing it with elements of hardcore to produce a set of dark songs that pierce the listener deeply and won’t let go. Continue reading “Calligram – The Eye Is the First Circle (Review)”