Ondfødt – Det Österbottniska Mörkret (Review)

Ondfødt - Det Österbottniska M​ö​rkretThis is the fourth album from Finnish black metal act Ondfødt.

I always enjoy catching up with Ondfødt. 2014’s Hexkonst, 2019’s Dödsrikets Kallelse, and 2021’s Norden are all records that I enjoyed, so it made sense for me to want to check out Det Österbottniska Mörkret too. I’ll say upfront that this has turned out to be Ondfødt’s most professional, accomplished, and enjoyable record. Continue reading “Ondfødt – Det Österbottniska Mörkret (Review)”

Nordjevel – Gnavhòl (Review)

Nordjevel - GnavhòlNordjevel are a Norwegian black metal band and this is their third album.

Following on from 2021’s fiery Fenrir EP, (of which Gnawing the Bones reappears here), Gnavhòl is a 55-minute expression of black metal darkness. Continue reading “Nordjevel – Gnavhòl (Review)”

Christ Dismembered – Christ Dismembered (Review)

Christ DismemberedChrist Dismembered are an Australian black metal band and this is their debut album.

With a duration of only 28 minutes, this album goes for the throat big time. Yes, it’s time for some raw second wave black metal, and Christ Dismembered play their brand of misanthropic hatred very well. Continue reading “Christ Dismembered – Christ Dismembered (Review)”

Khaospath – …for the Devil Speaks the Truth (Review)

KhaospathThis is the second album from Khaospath, a Swedish black metal band.

This is an interesting album in a few different ways.

Although it’s undoubtedly raw and aggressive, it also contains a hearty heavy metal influence alongside its more traditional second wave approach. Continue reading “Khaospath – …for the Devil Speaks the Truth (Review)”

Corpus Diavolis – Atra Lumen (Review)

Corpus DiavolisThis is the third album from Corpus Diavolis, a French black metal band.

Featuring a member of Eradikal Insane, this is occult black metal in the vein of 1349, Marduk and Watain.

It’s hard not to Continue reading “Corpus Diavolis – Atra Lumen (Review)”

Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed II (Review)

WiegedoodWiegedood are a black metal band from Belgium and this is their second album.

Wiegedood play black metal that’s as brutal is it is caustically atmospheric. There’s an acerbic hatred here that powers the songs forward, while at the same time showing an awareness of dynamics and Continue reading “Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed II (Review)”

Arkona – Lunaris (Review)

ArkonaHailing from Poland, Arkona are a veteran black metal band and this is their sixth album.

Lunaris boasts 48 minutes of the kind of second wave black metal that would be right at home had it actually been released in the 90s, probably about the time that Arkona actually formed.

This is an album based on the classic black metal template of the time, forged through experience and the hands of people that have been doing this long enough to know how to write good black metal. And it is very, very good.

Blackened riffs of frosted hate seep Continue reading “Arkona – Lunaris (Review)”

Black Fucking Cancer – Black Fucking Cancer (Review)

Black Fucking CancerThis is the début album from Black Fucking Cancer, a US black metal band.

Due to the name of this band I was expecting short, punky, excrement-filled black metal lasting probably no longer than about 20 minutes. What we actually get is a full 60 minutes of hate-powered misanthropy and perversion, courtesy of these blackened maniacs.

This is ugly music that the band manage to stretch out Continue reading “Black Fucking Cancer – Black Fucking Cancer (Review)”

Misericordia – Throne of Existence (Review)

MisericordiaMisericordia are from Sweden and this is their second album of Black Metal.

This is, unsurprisingly, in the Swedish style and aimed squarely at fans of Marduk, 1349, Immortal and Dark Funeral – high speed blasting and frosted melodies.

The sharp riffs come thick and fast as the drums blast and the Blackened melodies seep into your every pore. The guitars embrace their atavistic, icy Black Metal legacy and they ooze windswept hatred.

Some of the vocals are deeper than normal for this style of Black Metal, although they alternate with more traditional higher screams in addition to these growls.

Solos and leads are played well and the band are very focused on what they want to achieve. The drumming is tight and precise and the songs as a whole are quite satisfying.

If you’re a fan of unholy hyperblast then this is the Black Metal for you.