Darkher – The Buried Storm (Review)

Darkher - The Buried StormThis is the second album from UK doom/folk band Darkher.

Primarily the work of one artist, (with a drummer), the music of Darkher exists where doom and dark folk collide. Across eight luscious tracks The Buried Storm crafts deep atmosphere with a 41-minute doom-filled soundscape.

This is a form of hybrid doom folk that’s taken to its logical conclusion, merging both styles to produce something highly atmospheric and immersive. The music is cinematic in scope, yet intimate like a home video. Soft and light of touch, yet powerful in understated impact, this album is deeply expressive and darkly beautiful. This collection of tracks is one to take your time with, to grow with and to get to know closely over time.

The music is dark and melancholic, consisting of haunting strings and luscious clean singing that are wrapped around organic percussion and occasional doomy guitars. The strings are embedded into the songs well; in fact, I’d say they form the bedrock onto which the rest of the music is constructed. Guest musicians provide the album’s cello and violin, and their contribution is integral to the songs. The singer’s ethereal clean singing is haunting and emotive. Her voice is simply stunning, and her performance the same.

Delicate, yet potent, The Buried Storm is a rarefied, esoteric album that has little in common with the run-of-the-mill. Darkher have created something special on their latest album, and I urge you to spend some quality time getting lost in its rich, dark embrace.

An essential work of beautiful dark art.

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