Starer – The What It Is to Be (Review)

Starer - The What It Is to BeThis is the second album from US one-man black metal band Starer.

Hot on the heels of last year’s 18° Below the Horizon, (which made it into my year end list), the artist behind the band has returned already. This time he’s packing 50 minutes of new material spread out over four grandiose songs. Continue reading “Starer – The What It Is to Be (Review)”

Cailleach Calling – Dreams of Fragmentation (Review)

Cailleach Calling - Dreams of FragmentationThis is the debut album from Cailleach Calling, a black metal band from the US.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands such as Dawn of Ouroboros, Botanist, and White Ward, Dreams of Fragmentation contains 40 minutes of music spread out over four tracks. Continue reading “Cailleach Calling – Dreams of Fragmentation (Review)”

Starer – 18° Below the Horizon (Review)

Starer - 18° Below the HorizonThis is the debut album from Starer, a one-man black metal band from the US.

Brought to us by a member of Bihargam, Starer is a different proposition from that band, and offers 45 minutes of modern darkness for the listener to become absorbed by. Continue reading “Starer – 18° Below the Horizon (Review)”