Bihargam – Ove Tenebrae (Review)

Bihargam - Ove TenebraeBihargam are a black metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Featuring members of the mighty Fornicus, and playing the sort of moreish melodic black metal that hits the spot nicely, enjoying Ove Tenebrae was pretty much a given.

Bihargam’s music is old-school and melodic, but also thrash-influenced, which adds a distinctive jagged bite to their blackened assault. Much blackthrash tends to leave me a bit cold, but when done well can yield some very enjoyable results. Ove Tenebrae is a great example of this; the thrash metal influences can be felt in many of the blackened riffs, but I like that Bihargam employ the right ratio been black and thrash to satisfy my blackthrash needs.

The tracks are largely straightforward and direct, with a song-based delivery that allows them to stay focused on the main task at hand. The melodies used are usually either scathing and sharp, emotive and atmospheric, or brightly coloured and imbued with a thrash-tastic energy. There are more hooks here than you might expect, and each of these tracks is a well-written example of the style Bihargam play this sort of music with skill.

Ove Tenebrae is recommended for anyone into their thrash-edged black metal. An accomplished and thoroughly enjoyable listen.

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