Akhenaten – The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (Review)

Akhenaten - The Emerald Tablets of ThothAkhenaten are a death metal band from the US and this is their fourth album.

Akhenaten play a hybrid style of black and death metal that’s been spiced up with Middle Eastern folk influences. The music brings to mind a cross between aspects of bands such as Nile, Melechesh, Arallu, Orphaned Land, Rudra, Septic Flesh, and the like. In other words, bands that use their extreme metal for more than simple brutality. Continue reading “Akhenaten – The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (Review)”

Wode – Burn in Many Mirrors (Review)

Wode - Burn in Many MirrorsThis is the third album from UK black metallers Wode.

Burn in Many Mirrors contains 39 minutes of furiously potent blackened aggression.

Wode mix in elements of death metal into their blackened brew, allowing them to beef up their Continue reading “Wode – Burn in Many Mirrors (Review)”

Heretical Sect – Rapturous Flesh Consumed (Review)

Heretical Sect - Rapturous Flesh ConsumedThis is the debut album from US black metal band Heretical Sect.

Heretical Sect’s sound combines blackened ferocity with doom misery. Specifically, traditional black metal and 90s death/doom. It’s a combination that works well, yielding some gruesome rotten fruit over the course of six grim tracks. Across Continue reading “Heretical Sect – Rapturous Flesh Consumed (Review)”

Foretoken – Ruin (Review)

Foretoken - RuinThis is the debut album from US black/death metal band Foretoken.

So, you fancy a good-sized chunk of Scandinavian death metal? That’s no problem, take your pick. What’s that? You also want a decent black metal influence to be felt? That’s easily done. Now you want a take on the style that’s highly melodic too? Sure, Continue reading “Foretoken – Ruin (Review)”

Thecodontion – Supercontinent (Review)

Thecodontion - SupercontinentThecodontion are a black metal band from Italy and this is their debut album.

Having enjoyed by 2018’s demo Thecodontia, and the 2019 follow up EP Jurassic, I was quite excited by the prospect of Thecodontion’s debut album. Continue reading “Thecodontion – Supercontinent (Review)”

Fornicus – Sulphuric Omnipotence – (Review)

Fornicus - Sulphuric OmnipotenceFornicus are a black/death metal band from the US and this is their third album.

I enjoyed both 2014’s Storming Heaven and 2016’s Hymns of Dominion, but it seems that on Sulphuric Omnipotence Fornicus have taken things up a notch, and now my attention is well and Continue reading “Fornicus – Sulphuric Omnipotence – (Review)”

Impenitent – Impenitent (Review)

Impenitent - ImpenitentImpenitent are a blackened death metal band from the UK and this is their debut album.

Here we have some raw, underground stuff from the bottom of the underworld. It’s an hour of technical black/death metal, played with skill and passion, which sounds as if the recording of the album was recently found locked in some obscure vault somewhere after many, many years. Continue reading “Impenitent – Impenitent (Review)”

Polemicist – Zarathustrian Impressions (Review)

Polemicist - Zarathustrian ImpressionsPolemicist are a black/death metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Polemicist mix black and death metal with a heavy metal influence, to create songs that have an epic feel, but without the epic lengths. Continue reading “Polemicist – Zarathustrian Impressions (Review)”

Ragnell – Rebirth in Darkness (Review)

Ragnell - Rebirth in DarknessThis is the second album from Ragnell, a black/death metal band from Mexico.

This is an enjoyable mix of black and death metal, with the ratio skewed towards to the black side a bit more than the death one. Continue reading “Ragnell – Rebirth in Darkness (Review)”

Serpents Athirst/Genocide Shrines/Trepanation/Heresiarch – Scorn Coalescence – Split (Review)

Serpents Athirst Genocide Shrines Trepanation Heresiarch - Scorn Coalescence - SplitThis four way split is between Serpents Athirst and Genocide Shrines from Sri Lanka, and Trepanation and Heresiarch from New Zealand. Each offer up a single track. Continue reading “Serpents Athirst/Genocide Shrines/Trepanation/Heresiarch – Scorn Coalescence – Split (Review)”