Nexorum – Tongue of Thorns (Review)

Nexorum - Tongue of ThornsThis is the second album from Norwegian black/death metal band Nexorum.

Nexorum play death-infused black metal, and feature a member of Keep of Kalessin on bass. Their music is harsh and unforgiving, yet has a side that’s pure grandiose infernal malevolence. Taken together, Tongue of Thorns is a compelling slice of aggressive darkness. Continue reading “Nexorum – Tongue of Thorns (Review)”

Heaven’s Damnation – Heaven’s Damnation (Review)

Heaven's Damnation - Heaven's DamnationThis is the debut album from Danish black/death metal band Heaven’s Damnation.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands such as Dysgnostic and Udånde, Heaven’s Damnation contains 28 minutes of ferocious blackened death metal. Continue reading “Heaven’s Damnation – Heaven’s Damnation (Review)”

Ulthar – Anthronomicon (Review)

Ulthar - AnthronomiconAnthronomicon and Helionomicon are the third and fourth albums from US death metallers Ulthar, following on from 202o’s Providence. Released on the same date, this review will cover Anthronomicon – see the review for Helionomicon here. Continue reading “Ulthar – Anthronomicon (Review)”

Ulthar – Helionomicon (Review)

Ulthar - HelionomiconAnthronomicon and Helionomicon are the third and fourth albums from US death metallers Ulthar, following on from 202o’s Providence. Released on the same date, this review will cover Helionomicon –  see the review for Anthronomicon here. Continue reading “Ulthar – Helionomicon (Review)”

Scáth na Déithe – Virulent Providence (Review)

Scáth na Déithe - Virulent ProvidenceThis is the third album from Scáth na Déithe, an Irish black/death metal band.

Having enjoyed 2020’s The Dirge of Endless Mourning, I have been looking forward to what Virulent Providence has to offer. It has not disappointed. Continue reading “Scáth na Déithe – Virulent Providence (Review)”

Rudra – Eight Mahavidyas (Review)

Rudra - Eight MahavidyasRudra are a black/thrash metal band from Singapore. This is their tenth album.

I last caught up with Rudra on 2016’s Enemy of Duality, so it’s good to be able to see what they’re up to six years later. Eight Mahavidyas is a 58-minute folk-influenced black/death metal album that is worth getting to know, and getting to know well. Continue reading “Rudra – Eight Mahavidyas (Review)”

Veilburner – VLBRNR (Review)

Veilburner - VLBRNRVeilburner are a black/death metal band from the US and this is their sixth album.

I last reviewed Veilburner back in 2016 with their fourth album The Obscene Rite, so it’s about time that I did another one of their releases the justice it deserves by taking a closer look at their new material on VLBRNR. Continue reading “Veilburner – VLBRNR (Review)”

Voidthrone – Metaphysical Degradation (Review)

Voidthrone - Metaphysical DegradationVoidthrone are a US black metal band and this is their third album.

I enjoyed both 2016’s Spiritual War Tactics and 2018’s Kur, so after four long years it’s about time we heard more from Voidthrone. Metaphysical Degradation is a 38-minute mix of black and death metal dissonance, delivered with spite and wrapped in venom. Continue reading “Voidthrone – Metaphysical Degradation (Review)”

Omegavortex/Pious Levus – Split (Review)

Omegavortex Pious Levus - SplitOmegavortex and Pious Levus are both black/death metal bands. The former are from Germany and the latter are from the US, (and also contain members of Hod).

Omegavortex start the split off with 6 tracks spread across 24 minutes. Continue reading “Omegavortex/Pious Levus – Split (Review)”

Coscradh – Nahanagan Stadial (Review)

Coscradh - Nahanagan StadialThis is the debut album from Irish black/death metallers Coscradh.

Nahanagan Stadial boasts 41 minutes of apocalyptic black/death metal. Across five songs Coscradh unleash Hell as they craft harsh-yet-compelling malevolent soundscapes. Continue reading “Coscradh – Nahanagan Stadial (Review)”