Acid Mammoth – Caravan (Review)

Acid Mammoth - CaravanThis is the third album form Greek doom/stoner metallers Acid Mammoth.

Sometimes a band appears that is ostensibly no different to that of many other groups playing with a similar sound, but that has an ineffable quality that simply manages to captivate. For me, Acid Mammoth is one such band. Continue reading “Acid Mammoth – Caravan (Review)”

Murk Rider – Exile of Shadows (Review)

Murk Rider - Exile of ShadowsThis is the debut album from US black metal band Murk Rider.

Three enormous songs, with a combined duration of 82 minutes? Okay, I’ll bite.

An album of depth, both musically and thematically, Exile of Shadows is black metal in only one of its aspects, albeit a primary one. The band also occasionally incorporate apocalyptic sludge and stoner doom into their melting pot, as well as strands of classic heavy and speed metal. This curious, (yet effective), mixture means that Continue reading “Murk Rider – Exile of Shadows (Review)”

Primitive Man/Hell – Split (Review)

primitive man hell - splitThis is a split between two US doom outfits, Primitive Man and Hell.

My love for and enjoyment of Primitive Man will be familiar to readers of this site. Suffice to say that I consider them to be one of the best purveyors of ugly, apocalyptic sludge/doom that there is. Continue reading “Primitive Man/Hell – Split (Review)”

Destroyer of Light – Hopeless (Review)

Destroyer of LightDestroyer of Light are a doom metal band from the US and this is their latest EP.

This 18-minute EP is comprised of two songs, both of which thrill and delight with their rich and immersive take on doom metal. Continue reading “Destroyer of Light – Hopeless (Review)”

Apostle of Solitude – From Gold to Ash (Review)

Apostle of SolitudeApostle of Solitude are a US doom metal band and this is their fourth album.

So, the mighty Apostle of Solitude return! It’s been a long time since 2014’s Of Woe and Wounds, which I rated on my 2014 end of year best of list. Continue reading “Apostle of Solitude – From Gold to Ash (Review)”

Alunah – Solennial (Review)

AlunahThis is the fourth album from UK doom metal band Alunah.

An obvious focal point for anyone listening to Alunah is the incredibly impressive singing voice of their vocalist. She has the kind of voice that can soar ethereally, while also providing softer, more intimate vocals when Continue reading “Alunah – Solennial (Review)”

Risin Sabotage – Planet Dies (Review)

Risin SabotageRisin Sabotage are a Ukrainian stoner doom band and this is their second album.

Here we have 45 minutes of exploratory stoner doom, creating vibrant soundscapes full of all manner of enjoyable fuzzed-out vibes. Continue reading “Risin Sabotage – Planet Dies (Review)”

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth – Brothers of the Sonic Cloth (Review)

Brothers of the Sonic ClothBrothers of the Sonic Cloth are a Stoner Doom band from the US and this is their début album.

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth are heavy and rocking, which is the Stoner influence; they’re also slow and mournful, which is where the Doom element comes in; however they also have a nasty side that manifests in the Sludge part of their sound.

The vocals are nicely varied, with everything from harsh shouting to crawling drawls. All styles are performed perfectly in line with the emotive music and the variety sounds natural rather than forced.

Like the vocals, there’s a lot on offer musically. The band aren’t one dimensional at all and the songs here truly do incorporate Stoner, Doom and Sludge into a cohesive package that covers a lot of ground during the 45 minutes playing time. The band are all seasoned veterans so I should expect no less really.

I’ve connected with this album on a deeper level than I thought I would. It’s an album that is diverse and feels like it takes you on a journey, which is a feeling I love in my music. More than that though, it’s the sound they’ve created; it’s heavy enough to be crushing but nuanced enough to retain character and personality.

Well, this album has been a surprise and a treat. Get ready to worship.