Heir – Au Peuple de l’Abîme (Review)

HeirThis is the debut album from French post-black metallers Heir.

So what makes this post-black metal? Well, that would be the sludge and hardcore influences that are liberally strewn around. Continue reading

Friendship – Hatred (Review)

FriendshipFriendship are from Japan and play blackened grindcore/hardcore. This is their debut album.

Reeking of corrupted dark hardcore, blackened brutality, scathing powerviolence, and virulent grind, this is an album that’s perfectly titled. Continue reading

Cioran – Bestiale Battito Divino (Review)

CioranCioran are an Italian blackened punk band. This is their latest release.

Chaos. Ugly, blackened chaos. Underground hardcore punk with more anger and bile than you can shake a stick at. Yes, this is what you should expect from the 25 minutes of mayhem on Bestiale Battito Divino. Continue reading

Siberian Hell Sounds – Svengali (Review)

Siberian Hell SoundsSiberian Hell Sounds are from Australia and play black metal/blackened hardcore. This is their latest EP.

This is 18 minutes of blackened intensity and underground rage. Taking the basic imprint of black metal and running it through the grinder, Siberian Hell Sounds have poured hardcore and grindcore influences liberally over themselves so that their black metal is as abusive and contagious as possible. Continue reading

Cowards – Still (Review)

CowardsCowards are a blackened hardcore band from France and this is their latest EP.

I do so very much enjoy the work of Cowards. Their last album, 2015’s Rise to Infamy, was a tight ball of violent blackened extremity filled with hardcore’s passion and sludge’s ugly heaviness. Still continues this theme, boasting three new tracks and two covers. This is 19 minutes of music guaranteed to stop you in your tracks and then hit you around the head. Continue reading

Nuisible – Inter Feces et Urinam Nascimur (Review)

NuisibleNuisible are a blackened hardcore band from France. This is their debut album.

Inter Feces et Urinam Nascimur sort of sounds like what would happen if Darkthrone embraced a love of Scandinavian d-beat and produced one massively pissed off record. Add in some elements of crusty death metal and grindcore and you have 23 minutes of red-hot anger. Continue reading

Vermin Womb – Decline (Review)

Vermin WombVermin Womb are a blackened sludge/grind band form the US. This is their debut album.

Due to my love of their first EP Permanence, as well as all things Primitive Man and Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, (who they share members with), this release has been highly anticipated by yours truly.

On Permanence Vermin Womb channelled the destructive essence Continue reading

Plebeian Grandstand – False Highs, True Lows (Review)

Plebeian GrandstandPlebeian Grandstand are a Black Metal/blackened Hardcore band from France and this is their third album.

If you haven’t encountered Plebeian Grandstand before, then strap yourself in and prepare for violence. The band are a veritable explosion of grim aggression and antagonistic intensity.

Twisted riffs and dark melodies are encased in a solid black approach that merges the band’s Hardcore nature with a blackened corruption that seems to seep into every part of the guitars. The blasting drums are intent on nothing but causing harm and the bass is a malevolent rumble that underpins everything else.

The singer’s deranged screams form an integral part of the blasting mayhem and his is an intense performance.

The songs combine Black Metal and Hardcore into a dissonant, maniacal amalgamation that is pure viciousness embodied. As time goes on it seems that Plebeian Grandstand are embracing their Black Metal side more and more, to the point now on this album, (as well as their previous one), where it’s actually quite hard to describe them as a Hardcore band as has been done in the past.

Either way, this is another top-drawer release from a band that just keeps getting better and better with every release.