Of Spire and Throne – Penance (Review)

Of Spire & Throne - PenanceThis is the second album from Of Spire and Throne, a doom/sludge band from the UK.

Now here’s a band I really enjoy the work of, (Toll of the Wound, Sanctum in the Light), so it’s great to have them back. Continue reading


Majestic Downfall – Waters of Fate (Review)

Majestic Downfall - Waters of FateThis is the fifth album from Majestic Downfall, a Mexican death/doom band.

Having enjoyed very much Majestic Downfall’s 2014 split with The Slow Death, a new album of 52-minute duration is well-received. Continue reading

Monthly Overview – the Best of November 2018

November was a strong month for metal. Both death metal and doom are well-represented below, but as we’ll see more than just those two genres produced some great records in the past month. November saw a strong showcase for UK talent too, as five of the below bands are all from this country. Continue reading

Windrunner – Mai (Review)

Windrunner - MaiWindrunner are a Vietnamese metalcore band and this is their debut album.

Billed as a progressive metalcore band, this means that on Mai we get 43 minutes of heavy stop-start belligerence mixed with elements of modern progressive metal spread out over 11 tracks. The end result is music that mixes aggression and emotion well to achieve a balanced style of modern heaviness. Continue reading