Sulaco – Build & Burn (Review)

SulacoInventive, modern Grind is what Sulaco have in store for us here, with the odd dashing of Death Metal thrown in for good measure. Think longer-song-style Grind, rather than the shorter-song-style. Like somewhere between Cephalic Carnage and Gorguts or Gorod. Only not quite like that…

This is harsh music and not for the unwary. Choppy, changing, discordant guitars lead the way challenging the listener at every turn, while the drums both set the pace and hold everything together. Needless to say these are skilled musicians who know their Grind, which is only to be expected as they contain a now-former member of Brutal Truth.

The vocals are mostly halfway between a scream and a more hardcore-style shout, which immediately gives the band more of an individual slant than a lot of generic Grindcore bands. It works well here and complements the harshness of the music with an almost Drowningman-type intensity that adds an extra layer of depth to the tunes.

With plenty of ideas, some sharp technicality and the odd flourish of melody and sustained aggressive Metal this is a most enjoyable album.

6 thoughts on “Sulaco – Build & Burn (Review)”

  1. Pretty old, but hell, this is f* awesome! Intensive, angry, furious and… catchy at the same time. Shit. This is a masterpiece. And that jazzy thing in Make a Move. I must get it on a cd. Thank you for uncovering this. At least to me.

  2. Reblogged this on Tylko dwie pierwsze płyty… and commented:
    Jasna cholera. Następny reblog zamiast relacji z koncertu Death To All? No niestety, totalna zwiecha i brak weny. Ale będzie, będzie.

    Co to ja dzisiaj przeklejam? Rzeczy wybitnie wybitną. Zajebistą. Sulaco – “Build & Burn”. Materiał z 2011 roku ale usłyszałem dopiero teraz, dzięki postowi na Wonderbox Metal. Perła na bezkresnym oceanie dźwięków.

    Jeśli ktoś lubi pokręcone klimaty z okolic metalu, grindu, jazzu oraz dźwięków towarzyszącym napadowi szału – to rzecz nie-do-pominięcia. Rzadko wpadam w taki zachwyt, rzadko…
    Polecam jak jasna cholera.


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