Teodolit – Entropy (Review)

Teodolit - EntropyThis is the latest EP from Russian death metallers Teodolit.

With a duration of 16 minutes Entropy offers us a relatively brief taste of what Teodolit are all about. Featuring a member of Devourer, Teodolit play death metal with plenty of 90s influences, but also cast their net a bit wider than just this too. Continue reading “Teodolit – Entropy (Review)”

Devourer – Raptus (Review)

Devourer - RaptusDevourer are a Swedish/Russian black metal band and this is their fourth album.

I really enjoyed 2017’s Across the Empty Plains and 2019’s Dawn of Extinction, so upon receipt of Raptus it was a must-listen.

Ever since first hearing Devourer back in 2017 I was immediately Continue reading “Devourer – Raptus (Review)”

Devourer – Dawn of Extinction (Review)

Devourer - Dawn of ExtinctionDevourer are a Swedish black metal band and this is their third album.

Having really enjoyed 2017’s Across the Empty Plains, Devourer’s latest album is very well-received. Containing eight tracks of black metal that’s raw, cold, and merciless, Dawn of Extinction finds Devourer continuing to progress their sound without losing any of the assets they have accumulated so far from previous releases. Continue reading “Devourer – Dawn of Extinction (Review)”

Devourer – Across the Empty Plains (Review)

DevourerDevourer are a black metal band from Sweden and this is their second album.

With an album cover that screams old-school death metal to me, this is actually equally old-school black metal, raw and cold. Continue reading “Devourer – Across the Empty Plains (Review)”