Golgata – Tempel (Review)

Golgata - TempelThis is the second album from Swedish black metallers Golgata.

Golgata play melodic black metal, and Tempel contains 37 minutes of enjoyably energetic aggression. Continue reading “Golgata – Tempel (Review)”

Avslut – Tyranni (Review)

Avslut - TyranniThis is the second album from Swedish black metallers Avslut.

Hot on the heels of last year’s Deceptis now comes Tyranni, with 47 minutes of cold fury. This is black metal of the old-school Swedish variety; vicious and evil. Continue reading “Avslut – Tyranni (Review)”

Antzaat – The Black Hand of the Father (Review)

AntzaatThis is the debut EP from Belgian black metallers Antzaat.

It’s so hard to dislike something like this.

Here we have 22 minutes of cold, Continue reading “Antzaat – The Black Hand of the Father (Review)”

Devourer – Across the Empty Plains (Review)

DevourerDevourer are a black metal band from Sweden and this is their second album.

With an album cover that screams old-school death metal to me, this is actually equally old-school black metal, raw and cold. Continue reading “Devourer – Across the Empty Plains (Review)”

Misericordia – Throne of Existence (Review)

MisericordiaMisericordia are from Sweden and this is their second album of Black Metal.

This is, unsurprisingly, in the Swedish style and aimed squarely at fans of Marduk, 1349, Immortal and Dark Funeral – high speed blasting and frosted melodies.

The sharp riffs come thick and fast as the drums blast and the Blackened melodies seep into your every pore. The guitars embrace their atavistic, icy Black Metal legacy and they ooze windswept hatred.

Some of the vocals are deeper than normal for this style of Black Metal, although they alternate with more traditional higher screams in addition to these growls.

Solos and leads are played well and the band are very focused on what they want to achieve. The drumming is tight and precise and the songs as a whole are quite satisfying.

If you’re a fan of unholy hyperblast then this is the Black Metal for you.

Nefandus – Your God Is A Ghost (Review)


Nefandus are from Sweden and ply their Black Metal trade with passion and gusto.

Black Metal gone stoner doom? Not quite, although second track Temptress of Thantifaxath makes a damn good case for it. At least for the first part of the song and then it changes into a galloping NWOBHM-style riff followed by the stoner riffing once more with a nice solo on top. And this is only one of the four top-notch songs on here.

The remaining songs are more traditional than this one, but no less special for it. The riffs speak for themselves, and the band makes full use of them.

Favourite Track: Temptress of Thantifaxath. Variety is great especially when done well.

At less than 20 minutes this EP simply whets the appetite and leaves the listener wanting more. But ’tis better to have tasted the fruits than to never have known…