Naxen – Towards the Tomb of Times (Review)

Naxen - Towards the Tomb of TimesThis is the debut album from Naxen, a German black metal band.

Mixing classic second wave black metal with the atmospheric style from the US, Towards the Tomb of Times contains 47 minutes of compelling material divided into four epic tracks.

Resplendent in melody, but not overwhelmingly so, Naxen’s music is emotive and affecting. Bringing their influences together and fitting them into a very respectable take on the blackened style that easily sees the band providing something of worth and value for the listener to sink into, Towards the Tomb of Times is atmospheric and dark in very absorbing ways.

The band’s melodic and atmospheric black metal is occasionally merged with slight blackened doom elements, which add a further grim tool to the Naxen toolbox, a tool which is used in a very accomplished manner, albeit infrequently.

The songs are darkly emotive, building grimly atmospheric soundscapes that are simultaneously bleak and unforgiving, while also feeling rich and textured. The songs draw the listener in and transport them to far away realms, places of otherworldly menace and terrible charm. That the band do this so effortlessly, so completely, is testament to their abilities as songwriters and musical worldbuilders; Towards the Tomb of Times is a work to explore thoroughly and at length.

An exquisitely-rendered slice of blackened darkness, Towards the Tomb of Times is a very enjoyable and satisfying work. Highly recommended.

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