Devourer – Dawn of Extinction (Review)

Devourer - Dawn of ExtinctionDevourer are a Swedish black metal band and this is their third album.

Having really enjoyed 2017’s Across the Empty Plains, Devourer’s latest album is very well-received. Containing eight tracks of black metal that’s raw, cold, and merciless, Dawn of Extinction finds Devourer continuing to progress their sound without losing any of the assets they have accumulated so far from previous releases.

Taking influence from the Swedish second wave, Devourer’s music is aggressive and melodic, but within this has a lot of different flavours to sample. The band’s songwriting has developed nicely, allowing them to craft songs that are, on average, longer than those on their previous album. There’s arguably more atmospheric scope on Dawn of Extinction too, as well as, somewhat paradoxically it might seem, more death metal influences hidden in the band’s writing here and there, (more noticeable on certain parts of the album or on certain songs, than others).

Every song here is a strong one, and I really like what Devourer have put together on Dawn of Extinction. It’s a well-written collection of songs, and the band’s material is probably their best yet.

I highly recommend Dawn of Extinction for any black or extreme metal fan. It’s a quality release, full of cold emotions and aggressive atmosphere. In my humble opinion Devourer are criminally underrated and overlooked, so take the time to check this album out.

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