Keitzer – The Last Defence (Review)

KeitzerKeitzer are from Germany and play Deathgrind. This is their fifth album.

This is pissed off Grind with the rhythmic brutality of Death Metal thrown into the mix in order to have every base aggressively covered.

The Last Defence is lean, mean and full of hatred. The blastbeats are furious Grind and the slower parts have Death Metal’s focused, crushing attack.

This isn’t flash-in-the-pan, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it Grindcore, although the shorter songs are suitably represented. The songs are a little longer on average than a lot of Grindcore bands which gives the band the chance to deal out their Death Metal influenced assault with enthusiasm and a destructive will.

The riffs are tight and the entire attack that the band have is controlled and utterly lethal.

Keitzer know how to keep things interesting and have produced a relatively varied release in the sense that the riffs and drum beats don’t descend into monotony. Interest is held throughout this very brutal and proficient display of Deathgrind.

The singer has a great voice and he barks, screams and growls his vicious diatribes throughout the duration of the tracks. The songs themselves are surprisingly catchy and memorable. They’re backed up by a great sound too so that you can almost feel the devastation they leave in their wake.

A top class album. Combining the rhythm of Death Metal with the wanton destruction of Grindcore rarely sounds this good.

Check this album out.

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