Monthly Overview – the Best of June 2019

Phew. After the metallic overload of the past couple of months, June was a bit calmer. Having said that, I have a great selection of releases for you to salivate over, and I still had to cut a few for the sake of brevity that are definitely worthy of inclusion. Anyway, it’s on with the show! Continue reading “Monthly Overview – the Best of June 2019”

Yellow Eyes – Rare Field Ceiling (Review)

Yellow Eyes - Rare Field CeilingThis is the fifth album from Yellow Eyes, a black metal band from the US.

Yellow Eyes play modern black metal, raw and underground. Theirs is a bleakly charismatic form of blackened expression, one which provides the listener with many facets to explore throughout its 46-minute playing time. Continue reading “Yellow Eyes – Rare Field Ceiling (Review)”