Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed II (Review)

WiegedoodWiegedood are a black metal band from Belgium and this is their second album.

Wiegedood play black metal that’s as brutal is it is caustically atmospheric. There’s an acerbic hatred here that powers the songs forward, while at the same time showing an awareness of dynamics and flow that mark the band as being on a level higher than a lot of their peers.

The recording is as sharp and cold as a blizzard, and it does well by the harsh blackened content of the music.

The songs on this album are as grim and evil as any black metal, more so than most in fact. Subtlety and shade do exist in Wiegedood’s world, but most of the time they’re beaten into submission by the near-omnipresent distortion and malice.

There’s an interesting interpretation of build/release mechanics at play here, realised through a Marduk/1349/Watain-esque sense of speed and hostility. Ramping up the aggressive tension until near-breaking point, the songs find release in various ways during proceedings, whether this is an even more furious section, dark melodies, or some frightening aspect of inventive blackness.

The above shows an almost post-metal appreciation of songcraft, one that’s been reinterpreted through the gritty, evil lens of pure black metal. There are a number of other compositional styles lurking beneath the surface of these songs that have originated in music outside of black metal, yet have managed to find their way into this album, almost surreptitiously.

With music that’s visceral and raw, this is an album of black metal that takes the best of the genre and enhances it with tricks and dynamics learned outside what most bands do with the style. These are cleverly subsumed into the whole, so on the surface Wiegedood seem like a standard black metal band, (albeit a very, very good one), and it’s only after multiple spins that it begins to loosen its iron-like grip on its secrets.

Impressive and harrowing. Highly recommended.

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