Keitzer – Ascension (Review)

KeitzerKeitzer are a death metal/grindcore band from Germany and this is their sixth album.

Keitzer’s previous album, The Last Defence,  was one that I particularly enjoyed and have returned to again and again since its release. It was a top display of angry grindcore mixed with death metal rhythm. Ascension picks up where The Last Defence left off, and then goes further down the sonic avenues of extreme metal.

Ascension’s songs are, on average, longer than that of its predecessor, and the album as a whole is longer too, clocking in at 47 minutes. This is partially due to the fact that the band’s death metal influences are more at the front of their sound on this album. The raging grindcore and hardcore fury of their style is still present and correct, but this time the death metal side of the equation is much more pronounced.

Snippets of melody and even dark atmosphere are included here and there, further developing the band’s sound. Occasional black metal influences show themselves during these times, adding an extra aspect to the band’s delivery.

Keitzer know how to play their blast beats. When the band play at top speed and with such furious aggression that it seems as if your eyes are going to bleed, it’s quite a thing to experience. Basically, they play fast very well.

They do more than just speed along though, with slower and mid-paced parts punctuating the violence where necessary.

The singer is sounding better than ever, all harsh growls and shouts. With the ultra-aggressive nature of the music, his voice fits in perfectly as an equally-vicious accompaniment.

This is a very well-wounded album of extreme metal, with Keitzer showing that they may be six albums into their career, but they’re certainly not lacking in passion, enthusiasm or inspiration.

Highly recommended.

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