Yellow Eyes – Rare Field Ceiling (Review)

Yellow Eyes - Rare Field CeilingThis is the fifth album from Yellow Eyes, a black metal band from the US.

Yellow Eyes play modern black metal, raw and underground. Theirs is a bleakly charismatic form of blackened expression, one which provides the listener with many facets to explore throughout its 46-minute playing time.

Making use of both field recordings from Siberia and homemade instruments, Yellow Eyes’ music is an individual proposition. Recognisably modern, underground black metal, with a lot of the standard trappings, the band nonetheless infuse what they do with a considerable amount of their own personality, making for infectious and moreish music that invites, nay, demands, repeat visits.

Atmosphere is crafted through creative use of rhythm guitars and song structuring, as well as eerie melodies. This results in songs that are very immersive, drawing you into their world with a beguiling mix of frosted cold and early morning warmth. The music can sometimes border on the otherworldly, and it’s quite impressive how effective Yellow Eyes can be when they truly put their minds to it. This, I’m pleased to say, is reflected in the vast majority of the music on this album; effective, affecting, and immensely gratifying.

Rare Field Ceiling is the type of album that invites you in, keeps you there through sheer quality, and positively requires you to repeat the experience as much as possible.

Very highly recommended.

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