Asche der Welten – Chaos Bricht Aus (Review)

Asche der WeltenAsche der Welten is a one man black metal project from Germany, and this is his latest demo.

Apparently the third and final part of a trilogy, this demo showcases two tracks over 23 minutes.

The first song that we get – Zusammenbruch – is a 15-minute atmospheric black metal song that consists of a healthy combination of blistering melodies, cold riffs, and dark moods. I must say that I’m very taken with this song, as it covers a lot of ground that I really enjoy for this kind of thing. It’s melodically rich, but without being overly so. The underlying guitars are cold and harsh, but with enough vibrancy that they seem quite energetic in places. The drums are well-played and have a satisfying punch to them. The vocals are traditionally performed, and fit the music perfectly.

I also like that there’s a bit of an experimental edge here too in places – around the 5 minute mark, for example, there’s an unexpected sci-fi feel via electronic effects, which I wasn’t expecting, but sounds really damn good. After this we’re back into upbeat riffing and the blackened ride continues. The song culminates in a ripping and emotive guitar solo, which is something that you don’t commonly see much of in black metal.

The recording is a strong one – suitably clear and effective, while still retaining a raw and underground aesthetic. Hard to believe that this is only a demo really. Well-written and with a good handle on dynamics, pacing, and mood, this is a really, really enjoyable song.

The second track – Am Rande des Abgrunds – is a different proposition to the first, although it fosters similar atmospheres. This is a dark ambient piece, and although I’m less a fan of this style in general, I can still safely say that Am Rande des Abgrunds is effective at what it does. The track exudes otherworldly vibes and radiates a certain quirky, apocalyptic feeling. It has an undertone of pure terror and tension, but has a speculative, wandering motif on top of this, as if it’s not really sure if the apocalypse truly is the end or not. As I say, it’s an effective piece of music, and very well-realised.

This is my first encounter with the work of Asche der Welten, and it has impressed. Make sure you delve into the realm of Chaos Bricht Aus while the world is still here.

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