Unknown Artist – A Pig’s Head on a Stick (Review)

Unknown Artist - A Pig's Head on a StickThis is the debut release from Unknown Artist, a French extreme metal band.

What on earth is this unholy abomination? A single 28-minute track of utter nastiness and horror, that’s what. Complex and impenetrable, this is disjointed, inaccessible blackened death metal, and is not for the weak of heart.

Calling this blackened death metal is loosely appropriate, although the music certainly isn’t rooted to just one subgenre. Elements of grindcore, hardcore, and avant-garde extremity can also be heard here and there, although basically this is a horrific lump of extreme metal that just wants tor rip your face off using any tools it can lay its claws on.

At times the music is savage and frenzied, while at others it demonstrates a more considered and restrained handle on brutality. At other times still it’s dissonant and technical, and revels in wandering off the beaten path in search of new victims. At all times it is claustrophobic and smothering, operating with a ferocious density, so much so that you may not even be able to get through the full running time unless you’re somewhat inured to extreme harshness like this.

An impressive and imposing piece of work.

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