Hexis – Aeternum (Review)

Hexis - AeternumThis is the third album from Hexis, a blackened hardcore band from Denmark.

Hexis mix sludge, post-metal, and hardcore into a blackened concoction of lethal venom, then make you drink it for the 46 minutes that Aeternum takes to unfold.

I find Hexis’ brand of darkness very moreish and easy to digest. The songs are intense, exploding with crushing groove and blistering speed, and raging with harsh screams and relentless passion. The tar-black guitars are not only obscenely heavy, but also manage to carry a shocking amount of emotive weight. That’s the core of the Hexis experience right there, but on Aeternum they have built upon this to great effect.

Aeternum is Hexis’ longest album, and with that duration has come a greater diversity than they have had previously. Essentially the band’s core sound has been further augmented with post-metal dynamics, making for a very engaging collection of tracks. As such, this is probably the most accomplished I’ve heard Hexis when it comes to their songwriting and delivery. The sheer brutality and power is here, but so is a greater level of nuance and detail. The latter is occasionally obscured by the presence of their raw ferocity, but it is there and is noticeable in the tracks, especially over repeated listens. At other times it’s very blatant, with guest vocals, and malevolent orchestral enhancements as just a couple of examples.

Well-written, executed, performed, and realised, whether short and violent, or involved and atmospheric, Hexis repeatedly deliver the goods on Aeternum.

Hexis have long been an underground gem. Aeternum is their best album yet, so I do hope it gives them the recognition that they deserve.

For your blackened hardcore/post-black metal needs, look no further than Hexis.

Very highly recommended.

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