Dysylumn – Cosmogonie (Review)

Dysylumn - CosmogonieThis is the third album form French black metallers Dysylumn.

If you find 81-minute albums intimidating, then look away now; Cosmogonie is exactly one such beast. This massive album is divided into three main parts, and then added to by an intro, interlude, and outro, ( all of which are dark ambient affairs). Each of the parts has its own feel and themes, and each is resplendent with quality of delivery and performance.

For the bulk of the music Dysylumn play very capable progressive black metal. Theirs is a finely wrought and richly textured brand of blackened art, replete with great amounts of melody and atmosphere, but also brutality where needed.

The music draws the listener in quite easily, and even on first impression I found myself quickly captivated by these songs. This is an album that is best explored at length, however, and over time. Most of the songs, however compelling initially, deserve repeated spins to really get their hooks into you. By then it’s too late; the full harrowing majesty of Cosmogonie is revealed, and you’re lost forever in its dark embrace.

The melodies are darkly striking, provoking emotive responses and contributing to the holistic atmospheric feel of the songs. The bass is audible and worthwhile, which is not something you can say about a lot of black metal. The drumming is earthy and organic, while still precise; it’s quite enthralling, and deeply satisfying in a way that I can’t fully articulate. Combined, the bass and drums make for rhythmically varied and gratifying songs, and when presented with the multifaceted guitars, melodies, and overall atmosphere, Cosmogonie is a very rewarding experience.

As for the vocals, these mainly take the form of deep growls, augmented by more avant-garde howls, and chants. These grim expressions work well with the music, and some of the performances are surprising memorable in places.

Cosmogonie is a quality listening experience, and Dysylumn have created something notable here. Taking a circuitous, oblique approach to their blackened material, Cosmogonie displays greater depth and longevity than most.

Strongly recommended listening for fans of black metal that like to get lost in the dark.

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