Coscradh – Nahanagan Stadial (Review)

Coscradh - Nahanagan StadialThis is the debut album from Irish black/death metallers Coscradh.

Nahanagan Stadial boasts 41 minutes of apocalyptic black/death metal. Across five songs Coscradh unleash Hell as they craft harsh-yet-compelling malevolent soundscapes.

The sound of Nahanagan Stadial is the sound of malefic darkness being carved from ancient rock. Given sinister life by the hands of Coscradh, the music is a chaotic cacophony of raging grim belligerence that has somehow been shaped into five tracks that marry brutal intensity with atmospheric depth.

The band’s blend of black and death metal is (un)natural and raw. Muscular brutality and abrasive blackened sharpness are combined to produce music that leaves no survivors. There is a hefty war metal component to the band’s sound, as well as a sprinkling of old-school thrash metal, (the latter contributing I’m sure to some of the screaming guitar solos we’re treated to).

The songs are unforgiving and cruel, yet it’s easy to navigate their rough exterior if you’re partial to this sort of extremity, as Coscradh clearly know what they are doing with the style. There’s a howling hostility that runs through the music unfettered and almost joyful in its destructive urges. The songs are steeped in malign influences and feelings of such vicious rancour that it almost feels like a physical force is assaulting you.

I enjoyed my time with Nahanagan Stadial a great deal. It’s unfriendly, uncompromising, and utterly malignant, but it knows how to go on the sort of rampage that keeps you wanting to return to its foul shores.

Very highly recommended.

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