Qrixkuor – Poison Palinopsia (Review)

Qrixkuor - Poison PalinopsiaThis is the debut album from Qrixkuor, a death metal band from the UK, (who also feature from New Zealand a member of Temple Nightside/Vassafor).

Although you can rightly call Poison Palinopsia death metal, Qrixkuor’s music is definitely not your average incarnation of that venerable style. For starters, Poison Palinopsia contains only two tracks, but each is 24 minutes in length. Apart from this, it’s the type of death metal that Qrixkuor play that’s bound to turn some heads. Or turn them inside out, at least.

Poison Palinopsia is raw, chaotic, and steeped in foul dissonance. The band offer a near-impenetrable miasma of grim nightmare soundscapes and ugly rotten atmospheres. Brutal carnage is expected for something with the death metal tag, but less expected are the blackened, experimental and psychedelic elements that the band bring into their long songs, and the deep pervading menacing atmospheres that they create with twisted ease. Counterintuitively in a way, Qrixkuor also are adept in the use of melodies, which are eerie and malevolent. They’re deployed sparingly, but with weaponised effectiveness.

As you’ve probably gathered, Poison Palinopsia is not an album about riffs, hooks, or isolated moments. This is music to be taken in holistically, and at length. Qrixkuor paint warped pictures with esoteric colours, and then swamp everything in multiple shades of darkness to make sure it’s as obscure as possible.

Cavernous in tone and sinister in personality, Poison Palinopsia is harsh and unwelcoming, but not without its underground charms if you can stomach its unfriendly presence. Qrixkuor’s gifts truly reveal themselves over time, after repeated exposures to their virulent filth has left the listener able to digest what’s going on here.

Fans of dark, challenging extreme metal need to take note of this. Poison Palinopsia is an underground gem.




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