Ringarë – Under Pale Moon (Review)

Ringarë - Under Pale MoonThis is the debut album from US black metal band Ringarë.

Featuring a member of Chaos Moon, this project was originally named Ringar and in its original incarnation warped into Chaos Moon itself.

Synth-laden, atmospheric, 90s-influenced black metal, with epic songs, dark majesty, and copious talent? What the Hell’s not to like?

Dripping with grim emotion and saturated with forlorn sadness and cold aggression, Under Pale Moon features 39 minutes of nostalgic black metal that literally sounds like it could have come directly from the mid-90s. This extends right down to the raw-yet-rich production, as well as the songwriting and delivery.

The songs expand out with frosted grace and mountainous grandeur. Evoking high levels of atmosphere with its keyboard-heavy sound, these four songs very effectively craft dark soundscapes from the old-school symphonic source material. It’s an authentic and honest homage to a style that is clearly much loved by the band members, and executed with a knowledge of its roots that’s comprehensive.

Shrieking, lethally-edge screams accompany the blackened music, striking out like sharpened shards of ice. They fit the songs perfectly.

There doesn’t seem to be that many bands playing this form of atavistic atmospheric black metal in 2019, so if you have a taste for it, get hold of Under Pale Moon before it disappears into obscurity.

Highly recommended. Under Pale Moon takes you on a rewarding journey into the frozen lands of the past.

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