Hadit – With Ardour and Joy Through the Incommensurable Path (Review)

Hadit - With Ardour and Joy Through the Incommensurable PathHadit are an Italian death metal band and this is their debut album.

Hadit play death metal that has both a malevolent blackened side and a secret doom heart.

Cold dissonance and grim Continue reading “Hadit – With Ardour and Joy Through the Incommensurable Path (Review)”

Archgoat – The Apocalyptic Triumphator (Review)

ArchgoatThis is the third album from Finnish Blackened Death Metallers Archgoat.

This is raw, underground music filled with a horrific vibe and lashings of brutality. Blackened Death Metal, for the most part, usually means a Death Metal band with some Blackened influences. Archgoat have found that rare middle ground though that straddles both genres equally.

The Black Metal influence lends the songs a grim atmosphere and the Death Metal influence provides the aggression and ugliness.

Archgoat have created a very good listen with this album. Each song blurs the line between the two parent genres and we’re left with something that most people would just abort, but not Archgoat; they love, nurture and sculpt this malignant offspring into something worthy and deadly.

The deep growls seem to belch out malevolent black smoke and they seem to erupt out of the guitars like cancerous evil.

The riffs are captivating as they combine that Black Metal groove with Death Metal attack. It’s a winning combination.

Overall verdict? A great listen.