Obituary – Obituary (Review)

ObituaryObituary are a legendary death metal band from the US. This is their tenth album.

I appear to just be getting fonder of Obituary as the years go by. I’ve always been a fan, but more and more I find that I keep returning to their music, both old and new, for a fix of groove-based old-school death metal.

I really enjoyed their last release-  Ten Thousand Ways to Die – which was a couple of studio tracks backed up by live ones, (the title track appears on this new album too). Inked in Blood was also a top release. Very much a grower too, and the more I listened to it the more it sunk its claws into me.

As soon as their new self-titled album starts it’s the classic Obituary sound in full flow – that unmistakable guitar tone and those very individual vocals. Already I feel like I’m home, wrapped in the warm embrace of some classic Floridian death metal.

The playing is as tight and professional as you would expect, and there are some good leads and solos. The songs have enough melodies to hold attention, but not so many that they distract from the crushing delivery. The huge riffing grooves are present and correct, as well as some faster moments that show the band are still more than happy to go in direct for the kill with a vicious assault when they feel like it.

Obituary are infectious. They’ve always been catchier than a lot of their peers, and they show no sign of bucking this trend any time soon. I mean, how can you not like this stuff? It’s heavy, brutal, groovy, and simply effective at what it does.

Obituary have never been a band to drag out their songs unnecessarily, but they seem even more focused and concise on here. They get in, cause havoc, and then get out again. Each track is song-based and easily memorable, but with enough longevity built in to allow for repeat listens for a long time to come. Obituary are clearly still in this for the long haul.

After over 30 years of service to the metal gods Obituary can still deliver the goods. So limber up your neck and get into the pit, as the new Obituary is a well-oiled destroyer.

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