Element of Chaos – A New Dawn (Review)

Element of ChaosElement of Chaos are a progressive metal band from Italy, this is their second album.

With a sharp sound, serrated riffs, and savage vocals, Element of Chaos burst onto the airwaves with the first track on the album The Second Dawn of Hiroshima. It’s quite an entrance.

But wait, there’s more than just this. Across the album the band show themselves to be an extremely talented bunch of metallic wizards with a diverse spellbook straddling multiple genres.

The band add to their sound with keyboards, synths, and piano, as well as unleashing some very catchy clean singing. The latter is mostly used sparingly so as to increase its effectiveness.

The fact that the songs are extremely well-written is in addition to all of the above, but something that’s integral to this album’s success. There’s quite a bit of rampant experimentation on this release, and more than a touch of the avant-garde. However, the band never lose sight of the most essential ingredient of all – quality, catchy, memorable songs.

The tracks are heavy and catchy, (there’s that word again), with plenty of depth to add longevity to their instant appeal. There are lots of progressive flourishes to the album, such as acoustic guitars, keyboard solos, theatrics, atmospherics, etc. It all adds considerably to the core aggression of the band.

I’ve used the word catchy in this review more than once now, and it’s one I keep returning to. These tracks aren’t just catchy in the conventional sense of something being quickly assimilated, of instant appeal, and memorably enjoyable though, but also in the sense of having a more long-term appeal of high quality material, compositions, and ideas.

Some of the playing is quite technical, and the progressive music is added to with some modern metal. There’s a wealth of aggressive extremity to be had here too, with elements of melodic death metal and experimental technical metal raising their heads quite frequently.

Quite simply, this album has blown me away. With depth and emotion in full force alongside aggression and technicality, A New Dawn has a lot to recommend itself.

Make sure you check this band out.

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